Valley living and looking to the future


Life in the Valley started for us like it did for so many of you. We borrowed an RV

from family, and lived on our land while we built a small cabin.  We learned was it was like to wake up and find all your food and water frozen, and to obsess over every drop of propane.  We hauled our water in and our sewage off our humble homestead.

Little by little we turned our property into a home, and decided to bring our love of sport to the Valley with us.  I worked remotely via Satellite and my work allowed us to get our business off the ground.


We dreamed of a unique place grounded in peace and solace where athletes 

could train at their own pace, away from the daily grind.  We were deeply involved in the sport, and we knew what athletes needed to succeed.  We brought in high performance athletes in the summer, and little by little built a reputation.  The Colorado Sports Ranch was born, and we are proud to have been part of the successful journey of multiple US World Cup Athletes, USA National Team Players, and a Team USA Olympian.


Athletes come to train at altitude in our gym, run the trails in the surrounding

mountains,  eat healthy whole food, and drink the pristine water.  We live off grid, and with a generous array of solar panels we can provide our athletes with the ability to watch video, Skype with coaches, and train in comfort. To this day our residents often return to visit, and they leave with Coffee, Yak, Honey, and a host of other local delights.


We’ve grown into an operational off grid homestead, and raise goats, ducks, turkeys,

and chickens.  We share our space with several dogs and cats, two horses, a pig named Polly and a donkey named Peggy.

We’ve got three active behives and a thriving vegetable garden.  Working with the animals and the earth further grounds and relaxes our guests, and everyone has left better prepared for “whatever comes next”  than when they arrived.

ground solar panels in a field under a blue sky
Lisa and Peggy

There is no better time than now for me to serve the community that has

welcomed my wife and I and given us space to discover our dream.  I believe strongly that my unique and wide ranging leadership experience is best served through the position of County Commissioner.  I’ve owned land here more than 20 years, and have been a full time resident for 8 years.  Service and leadership are in my DNA, and I hope the citizens of Saguache County will allow me the privilege of serving them.  As I have all through my life, I will work hard to ensure that I produce results that leave the county and it’s residents better positioned to thrive than we were yesterday.  I’m willing to sit down with anyone, and have restructured my time and workload to give maximum attention to Commissioner duties, and I hope sincerely that you will offer me that chance.