My Army Years: USASOC and 1st SFOD-D


In 1992 my accomplishments drew the attention of recruiters from the US Army Special

Operations Command (USASOC).  The combat exclusion laws for women were still in effect, but the Special Operations community had some ideas about how the ‘right’ women could be very useful to the unique missions of a particular unit.  A selector came to visit me in Utah, where he put me through a battery of mental and physical tests.  I demonstrated high potential and my application moved forward.


I was recruited into a mysterious selection course that tested everything

and anything- reflexes, marksmanship, physical prowess, memory, judgement, improvisational skills, learning receptiveness, mental toughness, pain, sleep deprivation, food deprivation,  swim challenges, navigation challenges, problem solving challenges, obstacle challenges - you name it.

After 28 days only a handful of us remained.  We went through a final interview and 6 of us were selected.

It was never really a secret what we were being selected for, we just didn’t ever say it by name.   


Three months later I made a permanent change of station from Ogden, Utah to

Ft Bragg, NC where I inprocessed into 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta.  I would spend the rest of the year training to be a Delta ‘Female’ Operator.  I won’t go into much detail about that process, but I believe our participation and the success with which we navigated the training paved the way for the successful integration of women into combat jobs, and for that I am very proud.